The Radar Gun


Radar guns have many different uses; however, most frequently they are used as a tool for police forces to measure speed. The use of radar patrol was first introduced by police forces as a speed measurement tool following World War II.[1] The use of the radar gun grew within police forces during the 1950’s with the introduction of interstate highways throughout the United States.[2] Throughout time the radar gun has seen numerous adjustments and advancements in technology, as well as detectors used against radar guns.[3]

Created mainly for two purposes the goals of the radar patrol was set up for not only catching speeders but also for scaring drivers away from traveling at unsafe speeds on the newly built highways which were wide open and without traffic patrol would allow for such recklessness. The introduction of radar by police forces along with the highways having set speed limits to conserve fuel not only slowed cars, it also limited the amount of drivers caught speeding due to the constant fear that someone was going to catch them. Though there have been many debates about radar since its original installation in the 1940’s and radar alone today is not as effective, the impact which radar guns has made in the United States and traffic patrol is everlasting.[4]

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