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“Hand held radar guns have been the most popular amongst police forces”[1]

Radar itself is a very scientifically advanced technology and in itself is very mysterious as well as fascinating.  Scientists learned how to put this advanced technology in to a tracking form, and the technology with both radar and the gun with the radar has truly soared. Which might leave people wondering what exactly is a radar gun? Radar is an acronym for Radio Detection and Ranging and the gun itself is a radio transmitter and receiver.[1] It works by pointing at an object and sending out a signal and returning the same signal. It does so by aiming its signal at the moving object and then having its signal bounce back off of the moving object creating the measurement of speed in which the object is moving.[2]

“Radar works by frequency waves being sent out and bounced back”[2]

The radar gun was invented by Bryce K. Brown of Decatur Electronics in March 1954 and first used in Chicago, Illinois.[3] Brown along with a team of scientists was looking for a more effective way for police forces to track speeds and catch offenders. The success rate of Brown’s invention was astounding, and over the years changes were made and different devices was added to make the radar gun more effective. Decatur Electronics to this day still manufacture and supply the majority of police forces with their radar guns and other radar technologies. [4]

“Decatur Electronics is the number one radar gun manufacturer”[3]

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